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Xqip lets you enjoy chat with cool guys and cute girls from all around the world. Meet people and make new friends just by pressing Start Chat!

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Random Chats

housands of users love simplicity of our random chat. Enjoy the fun of chatting with new people without knowing the identity of your chat partner.

Photo Sharing

Send photos on Omegle Indonesia instantly. You can even capture the moments that matter to you most with a built-in camera. With Omegle Indonesia, photos sent quickly even if you're on a slow connection.

Express Your Feelings

Stickers as a way to express your inner emotions in a fun and colorful way.

Multiple Chat

Multiple chats with lots of people, and chat can also continue at any time.

Using Xqip: what you need to know before you start

It is also the most comfortable chat environment because:
  • Respect people you meet in the chat and they will reciprocate. Our moderators will make sure to keep any misbehavior at bay.
  • Our chat is anonymous, thus you can discuss any topics. Be sincere, but avoid sharing any personal information.

By using this chat, you agree to adhere to our simple rules. Please read them carefully and get ready to enjoy the world of unlimited fun!